Raleigh, NC’s Brake Specialists: Tao Auto

Mechanic Working on BreaksEver had a car run a stop light and pull out in front of you? Have you watched as an unaware child followed a bouncing ball out into a neighborhood street? Unfortunately, you never know when you will need the full capabilities of your car’s brakes — but you can imagine the consequences if they aren’t ready to perform at 100% when you need them.

Since 1986, Tao Auto’s comprehensive line of vehicle services has included brake inspection and replacement for clients throughout the Raleigh and Cary, NC areas.

Brake Parts & Service for Honda®, Toyota®, Lexus® & Acura® Cars

Every component in your car’s brake system is critical to your vehicle’s ability to stop rapidly — don’t put off fixing your:

  • Brake Pads
  • Fluids
  • Discs
  • Rotors
  • Calipers
  • or more

Signs You Need to Replace Your Brakes

Other than seeing your brake warning light indicator on, these are additional signs you need to bring your car to Tao Auto for a brake inspection:

  1. Loud Squealing Noises – Do you notice that metal-on-metal squeaking sound when you apply the brakes? That noise is obnoxious for a reason — it’s your car telling you to replace your pads.
  2. Pressing Harder to Stop – Are you noticing you need to press more firmly down on the brakes to initiate stopping? This is typically abnormal and could be dangerous if your car’s brakes can’t react in time to a sudden-stop situation.
  3. Vehicle Pulls to One Side – Hitting the brakes on a straight road and your notice your car pulls to one side or another? This could potentially be a sign that a caliper is in need of a fix.

Visit our two Tao Auto locations in Raleigh and Cary, NC — clients drive from Garner, Apex, Holly Springs, Durham, Hillsborough, Clayton, Knightdale and surrounding areas to visit our shop.

To schedule an appointment with our specialists, contact us online or by phone in Raleigh at (919) 832-0118 or in Cary at (919) 319-9202.